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My Services

Individual Psychotherapy:

Individual therapy provides an opportunity for you to meet one- on-one with a therapist.  Within the therapeutic relationship, you may gain support with and insight into your current difficulties, explore significant thoughts and feelings related to your concerns, and develop tools to manage your specific challenges.  I offer individual psychotherapy to clients experiencing a range of concerns including eating disorders, relationship stressors, self-esteem concerns and difficulties related to managing strong emotions. 


Through my experience, I have also cultivated a specific passion for working with late adolescents and young adults.  While often an exciting time, many challenges can also arise that may be helpful to address in therapy (i.e. balancing demands, establishing career, separating from caretakers).  I recognize this period as a critical phase in one’s development and an opportunity for significant growth. 

Consultation/ Education:

My practice includes various types of consultation services.  I offer support and education to families and friends of those suffering from eating disorder symptoms, including knowledge about how to best engage with and support your loved one during his or her recovery.  


I also provide interactive workshops to local schools, universities and organizations interested in increasing mental health awareness among their students, families, and/or employees.  These workshops may include topics such as improving body image, reducing stress, increasing eating disorder awareness, managing the transition to college, coping with your child's increasing autonomy, etc. I am also happy to customize workshops to meet your individual or group needs.​

Group Psychotherapy:

At various times, I offer opportunities to engage in group psychotherapy.  My services may include the following types of groups:

Theme-based support groups 

These sessions bring together individuals experiencing similar concerns (i.e. eating disorders, depression) with the intent of exploring related difficulties, offering support to each other, and learning new ways to cope. 

Process-oriented psychotherapy groups 

Here I offer support for a variety of concerns while also challenge you to better understand yourself by exploring interpersonal patterns.  Through engaging with others in the group, you may increase awareness of your thoughts and feelings, explore ways of relating that may contribute to your current difficulties, and practice new ways of interacting.  

Psycho-educational groups 

These are usually time-limited (i.e. 8-10 sessions) and provide you with didactic information intended to increase your knowledge about a particular topic (i.e. stress management).


Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of a psychotherapy group.  

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